About the meeting

Stellar and planetary dynamos will take place from 26-29 May 2015 at the Institute for Astrophysics in Goettingen, Germany.  The aim of the meeting is to bring together theoreticians and observers interested in stellar and planetary dynamos (from theoretical models to observations and turbulence experiments) by mixing regular talks with more informal discussions. The meeting is part of a large SFB collaboration, between six research institutes in Germany, funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG), on Astrophysical Flow Instabilities and Turbulence (SFB 963). 


Abstract Book & Slides & Posters

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Some presentations and posters are still missing! Please send the slides of your presentations or your posters to as moderately-sized (max. ~5MiB) pdf file.

Related Workshop

The International Conference on Rayleigh-Bénard Turbulence 2015 is held from 1st to 5th June, 2015, (i.e. the week after Stellar and Planetary Dynamos) also in Göttingen.

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