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Opening Reception

The opening reception takes place in the entrance hall of the MPS (Max-Planck-Institut for Solar System Research) on Monday evening (5.30 pm — 7.30 pm). MPS is located on the North Campus (see map of the North Campus). The opening reception is meant for all participants, locals and guests alike, to informally get together and have bottle of beer or glass of wine. You can bring your poster and already set it up if you want (the conference location is only a 1-minute-walk away).

Whiskey Tasting

During the poster session on Tuesday, there will be an Irish Whiskey tasting

Guided City Tours

We will have two slightly distinct guided city tours (both in English) through the city centre of Göttingen. The meeting point is the famous Gänseliesel (fountain of the Goose Girl), which is in front of the old town hall.

Conference Dinner

We will have our Conference Dinner at the restaurant Planea, which is directly next to the historical University Observatory, the predecessor of the Insitute for Astrophysics (learn more). You made your choice of menu options. In case you forgot yours, we can remind you. The dinner starts at 7 pm and will continue roughly until 10 pm.

Wine Tasting

During the poster Session on Tuesday, there will be a tasting of three German wines.


On Thursday night, we will have a BBQ, if the weather permits. The BBQ will probably be behind the Physics Building.

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