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Getting There


Göttingen has excellent train connections to most other cities in Central Europe. However there is no airport in the direct vicinity.

By air

The airports of Hanover (HAJ) and Frankfurt (FRA) have good train connections with Göttingen. In case you prefer Frankfurt take the long-distance trains (ICE or IC) directly from the airport and better book your train ticket in advance and make a reservation (see below).

By train

Either directly or from the airport, you will most likely travel to Göttingen by train. In most cases, it is cheaper to book a train in advance (so-called saving fares / Sparpreis), however, please be aware that these tickets are only valid for the exact train you are booking whereas the standard-fare tickets are valid for the whole day. You can book tickets here:

English Homepage of the Deutsche Bahn AG - the major German railway company (there is a language switch at the top of the page)

The long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport is Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf, Göttingen has only a single train station simply named Göttingen. You can replace the ö by oe ("Goettingen") but not by o ("Gottingen").

Within Göttingen

Most people in Göttingen move about by bicycle. You can rent a bicycle at several places in Göttingen, including a place at the station (more information on that will probably follow later).

The only public transport available are buses (see below) and taxis. The bus connection between the train station and the northern University Campus is very good!

If you arrive at the train station exit the station to the east (direction of decreasing platform number) to get to the busses or to the city centre. If you prefer a taxicab, exit the station to the west (increasing platform numbers). Close to that exit you'll find taxicabs waiting. Also use this exit, to get to the InterCity Hotel, which is only a three-minute walk from the train station (so ignore the taxis if you stay in that hotel).


→ Detailed plan of the bus route network (pdf)
→ Interactive version (only in German)

Bus stops near IAG (conference location)

The bus stop closest to the place of the conference is a Tammannstr. (see map of North Campus), however three other bus stops are within 3-4 min walk (click on the numbers, to get the detailed time tables (only in German):

  • Tammannstr. (Routes: 21, 22, 23)
  • Goldschmidtstr. (Routes: 21, 22, 23, 33, 41)
  • Im Hassel (Routes: 33, 41)
  • Kellnerweg (Routes: 21, 22, 23)

The routes 21 and 23 all take you to the train station (detailed schedules below). The train station is not far from the city centre. To go directly to the city centre (for instance bus stop Markt), take route 22 or 41.

Detailed schedules (for Routes 21 and 23)

Complete time tables: Route 21 (and 22), Route 23.

Train Station (near InterCity Hotel) → IAG (conference location) → other direction

Tuesday - Friday (normal schedule)

Route Bus platform Bahnhof/ZOB Tammanstr.
21 D 6:08am 6:21am
21 D 6:23am 6:36am
21 D 6:53am 7:06am
21 D 7:23am 7:36am
21 D 7:53am 8:06am
23 D 7:57am 8:10am
23 D 8:22am 8:35am
21 D 8:27am 8:40am
23 D 8:52am 9:05am
21 D 8:57am 9:10am
23 D 9:22am 9:35am
21 D 9:27am 9:40am
23 D 9:52am 10:05am
21 D 9:57am 10:10am
23 D 10:22am 10:35am
21 D 10:27am 10:40am
23 D 10:52am 11:05am
21 D 10:57am 11:10am
23 D 11:22am 11:35am
21 D 11:27am 11:40am
23 D 11:52am 12:05pm
21 D 11:57am 12:10pm
23 D 12:22pm 12:35pm
21 D 12:27pm 12:40pm
23 D 12:52pm 1:05pm
21 D 12:57pm 1:10pm
23 D 1:22pm 1:35pm
21 D 1:27pm 1:40pm
23 D 1:52pm 2:05pm
21 D 1:57pm 2:10pm
23 D 2:22pm 2:35pm
21 D 2:27pm 2:40pm
23 D 2:52pm 3:05pm
21 D 2:57pm 3:10pm
23 D 3:22pm 3:35pm
21 D 3:27pm 3:40pm
23 D 3:52pm 4:05pm
21 D 3:57pm 4:10pm
23 D 4:22pm 4:35pm
21 D 4:27pm 4:40pm
23 D 4:52pm 5:05pm
21 D 4:57pm 5:10pm
23 D 5:22pm 5:35pm
21 D 5:27pm 5:40pm
23 D 5:52pm 6:05pm
21 D 5:57pm 6:10pm
21 D 6:27pm 6:40pm
21 D 6:57pm 7:10pm
21 D 7:27pm 7:40pm
21 D 8:09pm 8:20pm
21 D 9:09pm 9:20pm
21 D 10:09pm 10:20pm
21 D 11:09pm 11:20pm

IAG (conference location) → Train Station (near InterCity Hotel) → other direction

Tuesday - Friday (normal schedule)

Route Tammannstr. Bahnhof/ZOB
21 5:52am 6:08am
21 6:22am 6:38am
21 6:52am 7:08am
21 7:22am 7:38am
21 7:53am 8:09am
23 8:18am 8:32am
21 8:23am 8:39am
23 8:48am 9:02am
21 8:53am 9:09am
23 9:18am 9:32am
21 9:23am 9:39am
23 9:48am 10:02am
21 9:53am 10:09am
23 10:18am 10:32am
21 10:23am 10:39am
23 10:48am 11:02am
21 10:53am 11:09am
23 11:18am 11:32am
21 11:23am 11:39am
23 11:48am 12:02pm
21 11:53am 12:09pm
23 12:18pm 12:32pm
21 12:23pm 12:39pm
23 12:48pm 1:02pm
21 12:53pm 1:09pm
23 1:18pm 1:32pm
21 1:23pm 1:39pm
23 1:48pm 2:02pm
21 1:53pm 2:09pm
23 2:18pm 2:32pm
21 2:23pm 2:39pm
23 2:48pm 3:02pm
21 2:53pm 3:09pm
23 3:18pm 3:32pm
21 3:23pm 3:39pm
23 3:48pm 4:02pm
21 3:53pm 4:09pm
23 4:18pm 4:32pm
21 4:23pm 4:39pm
23 4:48pm 5:02pm
21 4:53pm 5:09pm
23 5:18pm 5:32pm
21 5:23pm 5:39pm
23 5:48pm 6:02pm
21 5:53pm 6:09pm
23 6:18pm 6:32pm
21 6:23pm 6:39pm
21 6:53pm 7:09pm
21 7:23pm 7:37pm
21 7:54pm 8:12pm
21 8:54pm 9:12pm
21 9:54pm 10:12pm
21 10:54pm 11:12pm
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